About Barry

As someone who was born at the beginning of the "baby boom" in 1946, Barry is now retired from working life, but still keeps very active playing competitive baseball and many other outdoor sports; he especially enjoys hunting in the fall.

From his days at St. Pat's High School in Ottawa, and the University of Ottawa, Mr. Turner worked hard to fulfil his lifetime goals.  He set high standards for himself, and after obtaining a degree in Biology (Zoology) his globetrotting experiences have taken him to dozens of countries around the world.

In his autobiography  From the Plains of Africa To the Jungles of Parliament, you will read about his many unique experiences and adventures as a Game Warden in Tanzania.

When he got back to Canada, he set his sights on Parliament Hill and was elected as a Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament in 1984. As a PC Member during the Mulroney years, and as an election observer he travelled to such places as Bangladesh, Peru, South Africa and Tanzania.  

Before being elected to Parliament, he worked for Parks Canada, and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  After leaving the House of Commons he was appointed with an Order-in-Council to the Public Service Staff Relations Board.  His working career ended as Director, Government Relations Ottawa for Ducks Unlimited Canada until he retired in 2011.

By focusing all his life on conservation and the environment, Mr. Turner's example reminds us that if we are serious about preserving places of wilderness and wildlife, we must stand up and be counted.

He, his three children, Jason, Jennifer, and Blair, along with his Labrador Retriever, Buck, are now thouroughly enjoying a
magnificent seasonal family home on a small lake southwest of the Capital.

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